Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wedding of Sunniva & Jérôme

At one point in life, most girls and perhaps some guys too, think of the moment that they will meet their other half. Some guys tend to be less romantic about things but then I do not want to generalise. Finding the right person is important for both. On the other hand, many girls tend to picture the encounter as being a scene straight out of a movie. Their vision is very "heart and flowers". But the reality of life tend to render their dream encounter a dull and perhaps unrealistic thing.

When I photographed the wedding of Sunniva & Jérôme, the latter's friends made a video to illustrate how Jérôme met Sunniva. It was done with the help of the good friends of the couple. The guys outdid themselves and one guy even donned a blonde wig to impersonate Sunniva in the movie! Well I am not entirely sure about the way their encounter really happened because of the hilarious and terrific video. But here goes: It was on a beach; Jérôme was going for a ride at sea and there comes Sunniva - running towards him ('she' does in the video). And love happened.

My point is although the movie made up was clearly exaggerated to look cinematic and funny, the fact remains love is simply love and the ordinary way in which it may happen, is what makes it extraordinary and which makes it a scene straight out of your own movie.  

I wanted to share this beautiful wedding with you, so that you can see for yourselves what lovely a crowd was present there. The family of the bride and groom was loving, warm and absolutely fun. And I must add that I never knew that Norwegians were such eloquent speakers! I was told by the bride that in Norway, speeches were a great deal. They were simply outstanding. The best ones I've ever heard. The mom, the dad, the brother and sister of Sunniva and especially her grandfather made some seriously terrific speeches recounting the story of their gorgeous and strong Viking princess. It was made clear that the day Jérôme met Sunniva on the beach, he actually found a pearl, a gem to be treasured. But then, she also picked him.

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