Thursday 10 October 2013


3 posts in 2 days ! I'm seriously overdoing it !

Now I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service I got from Precigraph - 
I never really got the chance to have any album printed there before but for Heidi and Steven's wedding I did, and the result was great.

A big thank you to Marie-Christine and Caroline from Precigraph. You two are awesome! And here is a quick shot of the album.

Have a great day y'all!

Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Wedding of Heidi & Steven

I have never been one who does weddings. I love to shoot couples but a wedding is something else entirely. I always took my time when doing a portrait session, sometimes making people pose, giving advices and guidelines. But for a wedding, you do not always have time for that. You have to along the flow of the ceremony and the rest. You cannot stop the proceedings and ask to reshoot it. So this is something I've always dreaded. But for Heidi and Steven, I made an exception, an exception I am most happy about now, seeing the results.

When I met them for the first time, I met a gorgeous young couple at Le Maritim Hotel in Balaclava - Heidi with her deep red hair and her sexy smile looked beautiful next to her tall and handsome fiancé Steven. If Heidi had already convinced me throughout our emails communication since a few months, seeing both of them made me so much more excited at the prospect of shooting their wedding and doing so in a lovely hotel setting. Nothing could be better. Madhavi, the senior wedding planner at the hotel, did a fantastic job.

The big day came and I drove with my brother as assistant to Cap Malheureux to a gorgeous villa with a breathtaking view on the Coin de Mire (Gunner's Coin island).

View on Gunner's Coin island from the balcony at the villa

When I saw the bride-to-be, she had already put on her make up and done her hair. She was so beautiful. See for yourself:

I roamed the villa's different apartments to get pictures of the guests and the groom. The latter was impeccably dressed in a three-pieced suit. He had not seen his love yet and I could see he was waiting eagerly for that moment. In my mind, I thought that he was going to be blown away by her beauty, because I had seen her and she was channeling some old Hollywood glamour in that simple, elegant white dress of hers. The bride's mom told me that there might be some tears involved... :) Everything was so lovely. When the bride's mom saw her daughter in her dress, with hair and make up done looking like the embodiment of perfection, she was the one who shed tears first. It was such a moving moment for her and Heidi. She truly was a stunner.

Here are a few pictures from the pre-wedding:

The bride's mother

The brother and mother of the bride

Steven, the groom

Now the wedding ceremony was a marvelous moment. It was a brief ceremony on the beach in front of the Maritim Hotel. As the bride's mom told me, Steven would be moved when he would see Heidi. So was the bride. They said their vows, exchanged their rings and very soon, it was Mr. and Mrs. Lewis who were standing in front of me. I was so happy for this beautiful couple !

After the ceremony, we had planned a couple session so as to get a few pictures of both of them together. It was very nice to shoot in the Banyan trees and at a few other spots.

After the session, the couple and the guests headed over to the beautiful Chateau Mon Désir where the reception was to be held. It was such a lovely place. The Chateau I learned from the staff there, had been built some 5 years ago. It was not too big; its garden was nice and even more so, when it bathed in the golden afternoon light. And that same light made the table setups inside look wonderful as you can see below along with a few pictures of the guests enjoying a drink in the serene garden of the Chateau Mon Désir at Le Maritim hotel:

 And below, the beautiful garden of the Chateau and a few shots of the nice table setups in the golden sunset light:

The reception and dinner took place and the night was spent over good wine and good food. It was a most beautiful wedding that Heidi and Steven had had in Mauritius and I can only wish them the best in their married life when they fly back to UK!

And last before I forget, a quick snapshot of Steven, me and Heidi.

 Have a great day !