Saturday 5 April 2014

Meet Davide...

Last January while attending a party at Hennessy, I saw a guy sitting next to my table. He had such a beautiful face with striking features and I thought I'd be a fool not to seize such an opportunity. It took some time and after a few drinks with my buddies, I finally decided to try my luck. I got up, went to his table, pulled out a card of mine and handed it to him. I told him that I liked his face, found his features very interesting and that I would like to do a photoshoot with him if he'd be willing. And he replied that he'd be interested in trying. 

The next day I received a mail. Davide said he would love to shoot with me. I already had a concept in mind for him. But the week during which we were supposed to shoot, a minor setback happened and I could not shoot the concept I had planned. But hey, improvisation has never been a problem.

The shooting day, we shot in Flic en Flac and thanks to a friend, I also got to shoot in a restaurant I particularly love, Twin's Garden. I got to thank my friend Nicholas for allowing us to do so. We had a blast and Davide proved a wonderful model. 

Here are the pictures from our shoot. I hope you'll like them.