Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Études : Ch. II : Fiona

Sometimes when you want something, it does not happen straightaway and you think you have missed on something that could be have been great. I believe that some things happen for a reason and if they don't, well too bad for me. The future is always full of possibility. You never know.

I chanced to see a picture of one striking girl with red hair with her friends at a nightclub on Facebook in December 2013. Her name was Fiona. I was so captivated. I contacted her immediately to ask if she would be willing to sit for a portrait session with me. To which she replied that she was not in the country, and that she actually lived on Reunion island. I was a bit sad upon learning that but we remained in contact. In January 2015, she contacted me saying she was going to be in Mauritius for a few weeks and that we could do the much awaited shoot then. I was thrilled because in the meantime, I had started a project called Études and she fitted perfectly in that. So I went to her friend's place where she was staying and I ended up shooting her friend also because they both had something truly appealing and unique to them. And Fiona with her striking bone structure and her flaming red hair was such a sight to me. I am happy that she was pleased with the results. It was worth the wait!

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