Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saveurs Indo-Africaines

For the latest issue of Défi Life magazine, I was given the task of styling a model for the fashion section of the magazine. And the shop from which I had to choose clothing items and accessories was Global Desi. It's been a few months since that shop has been implanted in Bagatelle but I always walked pass by thinking it was typically Indian wear. Never have I been more wrong. Because up close, the style was vibrant and very ethnic. And I dived in the styling of that shoot with glee. I got to say the salesgirls there were really nice and helpful.

Choosing the model for the shoot was no easy thing, because from previous discussions over the assignment, it was expected that I carry out an "Indian" type shoot with the clothes from Global Desi, and an Indian-type girl was expected. But I went with Sandrine Hoffted, as I had recently worked with her and I knew she would excel at the job. That girl is fantastic, not only does she possess the height, a strong versatile face, and the most gorgeous skin I've ever seen, but she also possesses a great personality. At fittings, all went well and thanks to the big help of my friend and blogger Kelvin Suddason (his blog), we also managed to find and select the accessories that would match the 8 outfits we prepared at Global Desi. As for the accessories, you'll have no trouble guessing where we found them: Aldo, of course. And the shoes as well. It took us quite some time to be sure which would match what.

The shooting day came and we set out to Albion which I had selected for the dry-against-blue aspect of the land as I call it. It was December, it was hot and man, we were just bound to get a serious tan in that sun. I wish I had taken a picture of how we set up with our orange and black beach umbrella, our red beach chair, and the stacks of Aldo boxes and clothing items. It was quite a funny sight against the stunning sight of the Albion sea. I did the make up of Sandrine there while Kelvin sorted out the outfits which would start first. For his first stunt as assistant & stylist on a shoot, Kelvin did great and I'm just happy I had him to help me out.

Our day went by quickly, and from time to time, I would get excited over a bright idea we would have, or a great picture I would capture. No need to mention how we laughed (how I laughed because if you know my laugh, you know we were probably laughing because of how I laugh... If you've never heard me laugh, good for me!)

Here are a few pictures of the Behind-The-Scenes:

Cabri !
Oh and finally, you can see our beach umbrella in the background! The goats seem to have found something interesting among our stuffs!

The goat in the background is guarding our spot!

Now for the results of the shoot, here they are:

I hope you've enjoyed this series from Defi Life magazine issue no. 3.
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