Monday 3 March 2014

Ces filles qui osent la vague . . .

Girls who dare to ride the waves... There are but a few girls in Mauritius who have made of surf, their passion, but for Defi Life magazine, Patrick Hilbert decided to dedicate an article to those girls who took up that demanding discipline. As surfers say, "no waves, no glory". So those girls have given everything they can afford to their passion and almost everyday, they are out checking the wind and the waves in Tamarin Bay, paddling out. And whether it is a bad day surfing, it's still better than a good day working, for the surfer out in the water is the one having the most fun tackling those waves, we can only dream of riding like Jay Moriarity in Chasing Mavericks (I hope you've seen the movie!).

For Defi Life magazine latest issue, I have had the chance to photograph 4 incredible girls - Anne-Sophie Paul, Aurelie Chateau, Eve Isambourg and Kristen Botha. My thanks go to Patrick & Lovela Hilbert and Michael Lam for their assistance during those shoots!

Here are some pictures from my various sessions with them (too bad we got no waves for them to ride the day of the shooting).

Kristen Botha & Anne Sophie Paul

Kristen Botha

Anne-Sophie Paul


Aurelie Chateau

Eve Isambourg

Eve Isambourg pour la photo couverture du magazine Defi Life

That's all for now !
I'm about to drop dead on my laptop after staying up all night to watch the Academy Awards!
So happy Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Cate Blanchett won. I was rooting for them all the way! 

Have a great week ahead !