Thursday 19 June 2014

Kathrin & Niculin

Photography: Khatleen Minerve
Assistance: Jeffree Minerve
After travelling the world for quite some time, Niculin and Kathrin chose to celebrate their wedding in the stunning setting offered by Lux* Hotel Le Morne in Mauritius. The wedding was a very beautiful one with tearful moments and even I, while shooting their pictures, had tears in my eyes. The ceremony was made even more lovely because of the presence of the couple's daughter, Ladina. She was like a little doll in the words of the wedding coordinator, Manie. Even though shooting this wedding was a tough thing for me because of my sprained ankle, I did my best to capture the emotions of this particular moment in the lives of Nic and Kathrin like they asked me. I felt very lucky to document their wedding and I wish them happiness in their marriage.

And that's it for this wedding. 
Thank you for reading and scrolling through.

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