Tuesday 17 June 2014

Alina & Vladimir

Thanks to the World Cup matches, my sleep cycle has become erratic and so I have found time to catch up on my blog posts. Frankly, the thing I hate most about blogging is the fact that I have to resize pictures and frame them on white backgrounds like I love them to be. It's very time consuming but it does give me great satisfaction.

So today I wanted to share the wedding of Alina and Vladimir with you. It's been more than a month since I shot their wedding at the Anahita Four Seasons Resort. The couple had already celebrated their civil wedding back in Moscow, therefore the ceremony here on Ile Aux Cerfs was to be purely symbolic. 

The day of the wedding, the bride and the groom were welcomed by some strong winds off the coast on the Ile Aux Cerfs. As nervous as the bride might have been about not being a good poser, the session turned out to be very funny for Vladimir, Alina, Jeffree my assistant and myself. But the best anecdote I am going to retain for this wedding is that of the "I do" moment. As they were saying their vows, a very strong gust of wind shook the structures on which the flower bouquets were placed. Everything fell down. 

We laughed and the ceremony resumed. Thank goodness, it did not rain and we shot throughout the golden hour on the beach and on the golf course which was my favourite spot that day. Since the bride wanted to shoot at some other spots she saw in my portfolio, she also booked me for a session the next day. We went to the south of the island and had a wonderful time shooting on the beach underneath the cloudy weather. Sometimes, you need no sun, just some light and good moods to cheer ourselves up!

So here are the pictures from the wedding of Alina & Vladimir:




  1. Khat, this is one of your best, if not the best wedding coverage. all is so beautiful, neat, emotive, bright, clear and just dazzling! It almost made me wanna re-marry to be shot by you <3 maybe we do next year - and have mimi around :)

    1. Thank you Em ! :) Working on posting a second wedding tonight. Need to catch up on those badly.