Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day in Mauritius was, as I feared, cold and windy. It drizzled mischievously with some rare sunny rays and having scheduled a shoot for early morning, those rare sunny interludes were the moments during which I managed to shoot today's subject: Sudha. It has been weeks since we were preparing for that shoot, but being busy and being still a "gimp", I had to manage my time and get some rest if I want my ankle and foot to get better. Today, we finally did the shoot, with Sudha's cute chipmunk Noshie accompanying us with her cheerful mood. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift for Sudha.

Here are the first teasers from the shoot:

Dress and necklace: ENVY shop (Kendra, St-Pierre)

Dress: ENVY shop (Kendra, St-Pierre)

If you want to book a shoot for yourself, for your family, or for your kids and yourself, do send me a mail at
It would be my pleasure to capture memories of your family. Mothers sometimes need to be reminded that they are also a woman and that they deserve some "me-time". And guys, it is sometimes the perfect way of telling your woman how much you love her. So don't shy away.

And now,
a big thank you to all moms out there for being cool, 
for being overprotective, 
for being annoying, 
for being there, 
for pampering us, 
for feeding us, 
for cleaning our mess, 
for being patient, 
for yelling at us, 
for telling us stories about life, 
for inspiring us and 
for being always and forever loving. 
You shaped us since the very first day.

And to the superdads, 
thank you for letting us be your daddy's girl 
and your little man.


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