Thursday 8 May 2014


April has come and gone and yet, I have had barely a moment to relax and breathe. Blame it on a hectic calendar and a badly sprained ankle. You may already be wondering how is she busy when she's got a sprain and is, most probably, not able to walk and is most certainly confined to bed or a couch. Well, it is true. I can barely walk and crutches are now my daily companions. But then, I've discovered injuries cannot keep me away from doing what I love and that is shooting. Honestly, while I thought staying in bed, watching TV, listening to music and having people bring me anything I need, would be great, it proved to be an effing nightmare. Especially since I've now signed up for Instagram and became an addict already (follow me @khatleenminerve).

Enough of the chit-chat. Since I've been shooting, I should be telling you about some of those shoots and be posting a few pictures.

It seems I never got to tell you about the shoot I did with Cedric Lanappe for his make up show. Working with him is always fun and add to the experience, a fantastic model, you're guaranteed some pretty pictures. Here are the shots of the model Cindy Shaw that were shown at the expo at the make up show at Hennessy Park hotel:

A few days before I sprained my angle, I got a great opportunity to shoot some INCREDIBLE men swimwear for a fantastic brand: ÒKUN. Òkun is the Yoruba word (language in Nigeria) for "the ocean". Make sure to check out the website of Òkun to learn more about the values and philosophy of the brand. And also check out the swimwear they design, I am sure you'll be wanting to get some trunks for your man or your little boy. Or both! Honestly, what's cooler than a dad and his son in some amazing designer swimwear with African prints? I met Labi and his son Xavier and here are a few quick snapshots from our session (I will post more later):


After Okun, I can barely recall what I was supposed to be writing. I've been on this post since two weeks or more, and every time I try to edit the draft, I have something else to do. You'll have to excuse my fluttering mind. So, yes... ENDJOY ! Now I remember. A few weeks back, I also shot the new campaign pictures of Endjoy Wear with my friend Bu Rt. As always, he has been of an incredible help. The models of the day were Antoine & Tatiana. Tatiana was the face of a previous campaign of Endjoy last year and it's great to shoot her again. As always, working with Kan & Jenna Chan Kin, Endjoy's designers is a challenging and enjoyable experience and with Tatiana and Antoine around, you are sure to have a good time.

Here's are a few shots we've published for the moment:


Just so you know Endjoy just opened their new shop in Cascavelle shopping centre.
You can see the whole shoot on my Behance account

Another shoot I'd very much love to talk about is the one I just did for Diva (Bagatelle). The shoot was done with the lovely Jasmina as stylist, Melissa as model and Sasha Coiffure did the hairstyling. Next week, I'll be shooting a second shoot for the shop again but for now, here are two quick shots I wish to show you:

I've been shooting a few weddings of late and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. Here are a few shots:

Kathrin, Niculin and their daughter Ladina

Wedding of Alina and Vladimir

So I think I'll stop here for today! Got tons of editing work awaiting me and I really should get started. I've changed my blog playlist a bit. I hope you'll like this new music and get high on these roadsie folk tunes. It seems to me Robert Francis + Ry Cooder + Ryan Bingham + KOL make a wonderful mixtape I'd be playing in the car as soon as I get my hands on my driving license !


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