Tuesday 9 October 2012

About September

Waking up early when you went to sleep only two hours before, feels good. That I tell you, without irony. Honest! Jokes aside, I had a hectic September. I have not got time as expected to write anything on this blog of mine. But I thought I would catch up this morning, on the eve of two assignments' submission, two class tests at university and when I have photo editing work awaiting me. But hey, pictures are converting, I have some 30 minutes before they are done.

So about September. I can't really remember what shoots I did, let me check. Ah yes, after shooting a beautiful couple in August, this month I got to shoot another wonderful couple - Nurul and Azhar from Singapore. They met through their passion for kitesurfing and on the shooting day, I met them at the C Beach C Club in Bel Ombre. I was really happy upon meeting them, because it did not feel like I was meeting strangers. I did the make up there, and after that we took off to ride the west coast of Mauritius, from Bel Ombre to Flic en Flac. Stopping on the road to pose here and there, I had so much fun with this spontaneous shoot, that I even lost my reflector. Ha! I know, I can be so forgetful about my own stuffs at times. But oh well, who needs a reflector when the light is gorgeous and that you just got to know how to use it to your advantage. Here are a few shots I chose to post from Nurul and Azhar shoot. The rest will be posted when they have celebrated their wedding in Singapore.

Even under the rain, their love shines like the brightest sun !

Nurul, me and Azhar - souvenir picture :)

Now let's roll on with this September month. I shot a girl called Maja Galac (yes girls, the zumba instructor from Slovenia, I know you know her). Well, if there's one thing I can say about Maja is that she is a bubble of positive energy! Beautiful and funny! I met her after seeing a picture of her on my brother's profile (you always have to check the guys' Facebook to find girls....some stalker sister I am). So, I asked her if she would be okay to shoot with me someday. She thought at first it was a joke, but we got to do it. What I love about Maja were her eyes and blond hair! It really inspired me. While I had some crazy ideas about a futuristic shoot with her (because of the blonde hair), I could not find the accessories I needed for it, nor the clothes. It is so difficult to photograph your concepts when you do not have what it takes in terms of props to make it come true. So I resolved to colours! I chose to portray Maja in the streets against some shops' colours. It was pretty fun. Two girls at the crossroads where all cars stopped, they honked at us, we laughed and Maja blew them kisses. We made faces and had an awesome time.

Here are some pictures from the shoot. I have not finished the editing yet because I am busy unfortunately with work and university. But I promise after this week, I will be less busy and get going with these editing I have to do.

I also had the chance during this month of September to shoot the engagement of my friends Arvin and Khusboo. I've known them for a long time now and considering Arvin's sister is my childhood friend, I was just thrilled by the opportunity to shoot their engagement. I can't wait for the wedding to come now (though Arv and Khush, I'm saying, not pressing anyone :D ). Here are some pictures with the gorgeous couple and one of me and Karuna, my childhood friend.

Crazy girls - picture by Arvin
During the month of September, I also did numerous shoots that I have posted nowhere, because well, the pictures need to be published first by the magazines or the clients before I published them on my page, among other things. I cannot wait to post those pictures though. I have some shoots I did back in August that are still awaiting editing - like A Wild Elegance shoot (I have not posted all yet) - a second shoot I did with Laurent Laverdure, and others.

I also need to say I am happy that my work is being published in some magazines and blogs, thanks in particular to the talented designers Lionnet & Fauzou. The most recent publication featured my pictures from A Wild Elegance, on French magazine Marie Claire blog. Check it out here.

And of course, there are a few new additions to my portfolio on Vogue.it. I am almost all the time excited when PhotoVogue chooses a picture of mine. It does make me think hard about the pictures I take and try to make them better.

I am also on aboutmiami.co website: thanks to my Mermaid Dreams shoot:

Hopefully, by the end of the month of October I will have catch up with those shoots and get back to my normal routine. I have a few upcoming shoots with some great concepts I cannot wait to shoot. But stay tune with my Facebook page for the latest news!

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